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Services For The Homeless

Owing to the serious problem of homelessness on Long Island, we have devoted a large portion of our resources to representing the homeless. Three of our lawsuits, Sharp, Holmes and Golding, resulted in judicial orders to the Department of Social Services to supplement rental payments for homeless or near-homeless families as an alternative to the shelters. With thousands of families intervened in these lawsuits, Law Services became a major facilitator of affordable housing for low income people on Long Island. This litigation has evolved into the current institutionalized rent supplement programs through the Department of Social Services, including the Shelter Supplement Program (SSP).

Specialists in Poverty Law

We are experienced poverty law specialists and from our beginnings, have specialized in cases dealing with the survival needs of poor people, involving shelter, food, health-care and family issues. Public benefit programs and the preservation of housing are priority areas. We help our clients combat the serious housing problems they face, especially relating to foreclosures, evictions, and poor housing conditions. We are also committed to ensuring that government benefits, particularly public assistance, Medicaid, food stamps, SSI, and emergency services including temporary shelter, are provided fairly to those who are eligible.

Outreach and Community Education

We have developed innovative programs that rely heavily on community education, outreach, and partnership with lay advocates. The Legal Support Center for Advocates together with our direct service programs, provide extensive outreach, sponsor advocate, and client training events, disseminate educational materials and participate in corporate-sponsored and government-sponsored informational events. The Law Services News, our agency newsletter, has a wide distribution and is supplemented by our free e-news feature, Legal Lessons. Subscribe here!


Law Services does not charge a fee for its services.


Please be advised that for most of our programs, eligibility is income-based. Most people who receive benefits such as public assistance, SSI, Medicaid or food stamps are eligible. Others may be eligible depending on income and family size. Programs serving special populations such as people with mental illness or HIV/AIDS do not have financial eligibility guidelines although case acceptance depends on the program’s limited resources. Immigration status is a consideration as well.

We do not accept criminal cases or personal injury cases.

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saved by NYS taxpayers through the avoidance of emergency shelter costs

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