Perks & Rewards

How much is it to apply?

It costs only $18 per app for each person over 18 years of age that'll be living in the unit. So essentially, less than the cost of a dinner for two!

What do I need to apply?

This is all you need to apply:

  1. Completed application
  2. Government-issued photo ID
  3. Social security card
Don't worry though, we never share them with outsiders and keep them under constant security.

Do I need to fill out an application?

Yes! That's the only way we can legally run your background screenings. Otherwise, we'd have to resort to Facebook stalking you...and we all know that never turns out good!

What happens after approval?

After approval, it's all about locking in your unit. Here are some things to know: 1. Income qualifying: We'll need your four (4) most recent pay stubs in order to crunch some numbers and match you to any and all units you're eligible to call home. We also need either an employment verification letter, your 2 most recent bank/brokerage statements, or your most recent tax return. No screenshots or selfies with your proof of income please. We know they're covered with dollar signs, but unless they have a few extra commas in there, they're best provided in pdf form. 2. Finding your unit: After we size you up and show you your options, let us know about some of your preferences. Outdoor deck a neccessity? We'll look for one. Pool a must? We got you. Let us match you up with the your ideal home based on your budget. 2. Agreeing to our membership rules: We know, we know! Rules suck. But they're as much to protect you as it is to protect us. So say yes and commit. But don't worry, it's much less than the cost of a fancy ring! 3. Paying your dues: Your approval is good for 30 days, but your 1st month's membership fee & rent is needed in order to reserve your unit (alongside the next item below). But please be mindful that availability comes and goes, so locking in a unit is on a first-come-first-serve basis. It's like Beyonce said: "...if you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it". Don't worry though, we don't require the lifetime commitment, just 12 months! 4. Signing your lease: In order to cross all our t's and dot all our i's, we need to get you into a contract with your new landlord and all of your co-applicants. So flex those hand muscles and get ready for some serious signing. But don't worry, it's all digital so no threat of hand fatigue!

Do I need a separate application for each property?

One of the many perks of applying through our Perks & Rewards program is that we run your qualifications once and match you to any and ALL our participating locations. Now wouldn't it be great if that was the same when it came to online dating!

What do I need prior to move-in?

Before move-in, it's all about getting your ducks in a row. Here are some things to do: 1. Turn your lights on: Although lots of good things can happen in the dark, renting an apartment is never one of those things. Give your local utility company a call and pre-schedule your lights to be turned on for your move-in date. They'll send you a confirmation number that'll look like the nuclear codes. Send those to us as well...without the risk of an explosion! 2. Register your vehicles: Whether you're driving a hot rod, muscle car or hybrid, we need them registered with us so we can know who'll be parking on site. Your landlord may conduct spot inspections to ensure all vehicles are properly registered and in good standing with the state, so please, no Monster Trucks...unless you plan on giving us a joy ride! 3. Approve your pets: Although we know pets are like family, they tend to be naked and strut their stuff across the carpets without ever wiping themselves down. So while they're fun to have around, they make for a nasty bill post move-out. So we refrain from allowing pets under our Perks & Rewards program but will approve individuals with emotional support animals. Just don't be scared if we come running to pet it!

When do I start earning perks and rewards?

As soon as you move-in! Although technically you got to fill out one app for all our participating locations before move-in...but who's counting.

Is beplace my landlord?

Maybe! If you're at one of the participating locations that we own or sublease, then yes. Otherwise, your landlord is someone else...and hopefully awesome!

What do I pay each month?

All beplace members need to ensure they pay the following three things every month: 1. Rent 2. Utilities 3. Membership Fees Just please note that your utilities do not include electricity. That's paid directly to your utility provider.

Is my last month guaranteed?

The short answer: Absolutely! The long answer: Just make sure you never carry a balance from one month to the next. And to follow both your lease and membership agreements. Essentially, don't be a bad tenant and expect all the benefits!...Well, that wasn't so long of an answer after all.

Do I need to pay a security deposit?

No! That's the great thing about being a member of beplace's Perks & Rewards program. You pay your membership fees every month and get all the perks and rewards without having to pay a security deposit.

What do I do about maintenance requests?

While you'll be able to input maintenance requests through your online account, maintenance requests are directly handled by your landlord or management company. Now, if that happens to be us at one of our managed beplace Communities, then we'll take care of your requests in 72 hours or less! If we're not, we'll make sure to forward that request to your landlord ourselves.

What forms of payments do you accept?

How you pay is up to how you like spending your money...just keep the cash at home! We offer always-free EFT payments, $3.99 retail cash payments, as well as credit & debit card options.

How do you calculate my utilities?

beplace members are billed (at cost!) for all utilities except electricity alongside their rent each month. That's water, sewer, gas, trash, and pest control. And since it's impossible to gauge how much each tenant used when things like water are coming out of a single large pipe, we look at how big your unit is and calculate based on square footage. So the larger the apartment, the larger your share of the utilities. But we never markup the rate and we'll always work to try and bring the cost down for our members. Now, the alternative is that we stalk every bag of trash you toss out in your dumpsters...and that's just plain creepy. Please remember that for electricity, your utility provider will bill you direct.

What is my renewal rate?

Renewal rates tend to be a fuzzy topic that you usually get the run around on. Now going in circles is fine on a carousel, but not when it comes to your pocket. So for beplace members, you'll know exactly what you're going to pay at renewal...and it's ALL dependent on how timely you pay. Here's the breakdown: 0x late = 2%/month increase 1x late = 3%/month increase 2x late = 4%/month increase 3x+ late = 5%/month increase

Is my membership fee included in the rent?

No. Your membership fee is in addition to your rent. And your rent and utilities (except electricity) are also itemized. But they can ALL be paid monthly through your online account.

What fixtures can I customize?

Let's put it this're not remodeling your home, you're customizing it. So here are the fixtures you can change: faucets, knobs, lights, shower heads, doors and appliances. And here are some big "no-nos": painting your unit, breaking walls, changing your locks, throwing out any of the fixtures you replace. Just be mindful that the cost of these customizations are on you. And since your fixtures are unique, replacement parts may be unavailable on-site. The cost of any repairs will also be on you if anything breaks down. On a last note, talk to your landlord to see if what you installed needs to be removed prior to move-out. They might like some of your customizations and allow you to keep them as is. But if your sense of style is a little too funky for them, then that's just the cost of being unique ;).

What if I don't have credit?

Our Starter membership is designed for people who are trying to build their renter credibility. And since we can't gauge your credit worthiness, we'll need you to bring in a guarantor who meets these minimum requirements: 1. Income must be 6x the rent 2. Credit Score must be at least a 800

What do I need to bring with me at move-in?

Only an excited attitude. We mean it...excited! Additional fees may apply if you're unpleasant. Only kidding!

What happens if my landlord ends their participation in the Perks & Rewards program?

Don't fret! If your landlord decides to no longer offer our beplace Perks & Rewards program, they still have to honor the terms of the program for the remainder of your current lease. And perks and rewards like the 2% cash-back earnings towards your next lease can be used at any other participating location. As long as you stay within our network of participating locations, you'll keep earning! And so long as you continue to pay us your rent, utilities, and membership fees for the remaining term of your lease, you can keep enjoying the benefits of our Perks & Rewards program.

When is my membership fee due?

Always by the 6th with your rent, utilities and other charges and fees. But if you're a renewing member, you get to 'Pick your Due Date', which may give you more time to pay.

What's the difference between your membership levels?

All Perks & Rewards members get to enjoy the same benefits of membership, such as $0 security deposits and 2% cashback on timely payments. The only difference is how much you'll pay each month based on your Transunion-assessed credit score.

How much is my membership fee?

It all depends on your membership level. Money can buy you many things but only renter credibility can buy you into these programs. Here's the breakdown of the monthly fee associated with each membership level: Superstar (700+ credit score): $69.99/month All-Star (650+ credit score): $79.99/month Rising Star (580+ credit score): $89.99/month Starter (no credit score): $99.99/month

Can I take advantage of landlord concessions with my Perks & Rewards membership?

Absolutely! Participating locations can offer any of their own unique concessions and move-in specials on top of our exisiting perks and rewards. Like Santa always says: "the more, the merrier!". And while those extra incentives will help you get through the door and into their units, our membership-based perks and rewards are here to stay for the length of your lease.

What happens if I'm late on my membership fees?

Don't worry, we won't boot you out on the 1st of the month for not paying your dues. We give you an extra 14 days to get current with us while enjoying all the perks and rewards. And we'll never charge you a late fee on your membership. Come the 15th though, we got to roll up our sleeves and get serious.

What are the late fees?

For your membership fees, we'll never charge you a late fee. It's either you're in or you're out. Now for any monies you owe your landlord, we've standardized the late fee policy for our members to give them different ways to pay with the flexibility to close out their balances by the end of the month. Here's how it goes: $20 or less: Never get charged a late fee on a small balance so long as you pay it off by the end of the month. That means either the 28, 29th, 30th or 31st of the month. Not the 1st or 2nd of the next month as that will make you susceptible to late fees...and you would have broken the cardinal rule of our Perks & Rewards program: do NOT carry a balance from one month to the next, no matter how small! $200 or less: While this is still a large chunk of change, there's no reason to triple it with legal and late fees combined. So while we do charge late fees on any balance over $20, you won't have to worry about being taken to court. Just keep watching out to make sure your balance doesn't grow over $200 by the 15th, the date which our participating locations assess whether a balance is too high to sustain. And we can't say it enough, make sure to pay your entire balance off by the end of the month. Even a tiny unpaid amount taken to the next month will jeopardize your membership in our Perks & Rewards program. When you're given a lot of rope, you can get tangled in it too! One-time charges & fees: Things happen in life. You get locked out of your unit at night. Your roommate lost her key and you'd feel safer getting your locks replaced. Your kids are asking for a key copy after your last slip and fall. Events like these shouldn't force you to spend needed cash just so you don't incur a late fee. So we post-date one-time charges and fees to the 1st of the next month, giving you time to budget and pay for life's needs. Just don't take advantage of these awesome perks as the penalties for failing to live up to these flexible terms will not be as fun as we are.

How do I earn my 2% cashback?

In the most straightforward way possible: pay the total balance owed to your landlord by the 6th! That's it. And remember, the better you pay, the lower your renewal rate.

How do I redeem my 2% cashback?

Just stay within our network of participating locations and we'll apply your entire cashback amount to the 1st month of your renewal lease.

Do I have to stay in the same unit to redeem my 2% cashback?

No. We'll forward your earned 2% cashback to any participating location that you choose to make your next home. So long as they're within our network, you'll reap the reward.

What happens if I decide to upgrade/downgrade or move to another location?

Where you live is completely up to you! And you'll keep earning wherever and however many times you move within our network of participating locations. But here are the differences between staying in your current home and moving to a new home: Renewing at the same address: Your renewal rate is based on how you pay. And the increase is nominal compared to the price of moving. So if you're looking for the most savings, nothing beats staying...unless you're looking for a downgrade. Renewing at a different address: Your rent will be based on current pricing. And you'll need to reapply into the program to ensure you still qualify to be a Perks & Rewards member. Now if you change your mind after reapplying and want to stay in your same unit, that's completely up to you! Just make sure there's a minimum of 30 days still left in your lease. No matter what you choose, your 2% cashback will be applied to the 1st month of any new lease at any of our participating locations.

What do I need to do when moving to another participating location?

It's important that your standing with your old landlord is still good when moving into another one of our participating locations. Having any unsettled debts with your old landlord after we've vouched for you with your new landlord makes us both look bad! So the process is straightforward: a Transfer Deposit is paid to beplace in the amount of 1 month's rent, at your previous landlord's rate, which we will hold for 30 days to settle any lingering monies owed. If there are none, we'll then apply it to any balance owing with your new landlord, or use it to prepay your next month's rent if no balance is owing. If there is a balance owed to your old landlord, we'll remit payment from the Transfer Deposit and apply the remaining monies to any balance owed to your new landlord, or prepay rent on your behalf if there is no balance owing. And if the balance owed to your old landlord is more than the collected Transfer Deposit, we'll remit the full Transfer Deposit to your old landlord and you'll have 14 days to pay off the remaining balance in order to stay in good standing with the Perks & Rewards program. However, this should only be the case if you caused serious damage to a unit...and we know our members are better than that! Remember...the last month of your old lease was paid by beplace. So while the Transfer Deposit might seem hefty, it's a result of that extra cash we kept in your pockets as one of our perks and rewards. And you're only paying a Transfer Deposit when you decide to move. Otherwise, you'll never have to pay it if you renew at your same home. And if you kept your old unit in good condition and have no monies owing to your old landlord, you'll get it all back!

Is it the same lease for every property?

The bulk of what you're signing is the same. But it's always in the details! Each landlord can customize the lease with any special provisions that are applicable to their community. However, none of these provisions can take away any of the benefits enjoyed as a Perks & Rewards member. For example, some participating locations will allow satellite dishes while others won't. Some will allow for grills on-site, while others won't. So while being approved into our Perks & Rewards program pre-qualifies you to live at any of our participating locations, you'll want to pick one that agrees with your lifestyle.

If I'm approved, can I live at any participating location?

Approval is based on qualifications tied to our Perks & Rewards program. While this does pre-qualify you to live at any participating location based on your credit, criminal and eviction screenings, we'll still need to match you to units your budget can afford. And we make that very straightforward...just multiply by 3. So if the unit you're absolutely in love with goes for $700/month, just times by 3 and that's how much income you have to make (before taxes and overtime)...and for those of you who whipped out your calculators, it's $2,100. Don't worry though, doing quick multiplication isn't a requirement to be a Perks & Rewards member ;).

Who will I be meeting at move-in?

You'll always be meeting with your new landlord or management company at move-in. But of course we won't leave you hanging. As a Perks & Rewards member, we'll send them all your details and let them know you're coming. And we're there for you during the entirety of your lease, giving you all the benefits of our members-only renter perks and rewards program. And if we happen to manage the property you're moving into, well come on by and say hello! No seriously, we'll have your keys and you'll need those...haha! And hopefully we can make you smile more than we can through a computer screen.

Do I need to purchase renters insurance?

Only if you want the extra protection. Or maybe your auto-insurance gives it to you for pennies on the dollar! Either way, you're covered under the Perks & Rewards program with our tenant legal liability insurance coverage for up to $5,000 of your personal items and $100,000 of property damage. There is a $500 deductible that gets taken out of any paid claim so just make sure the claim is sizable enough to warrant a payment. And if you ever do need to file a claim, let us know and we'll get it started for you!

Who do I pay each month?

beplace! You'll always be using your online account to pay your dues. So whether you're at a beplace-managed Community or a non-beplace-managed Community, you should always use your online portal to make timely payments of rent, utilities, membership fees, and any other associated charges and fees. We'll automatically deposit your rent directly into your landlord's account.

How do I access my online account?

Once you are approved to become a Perks & Rewards member, your online account is created at the signing of your first lease. We'll send you a welcome email with instructions on how to create your online account using the email address we have on file. Once setup, you can access your lease and ledger, stay up-to-date with any beplace announcements, and even track your maintenance requests. And payments are a breeze with our online payment options. Even setup recurring payments so you never forget to pay your rent!

How do I set up my account for recurring payment?

Once approved and matched to a unit, we'll send you an invite so you can set up your online account. That's how you'll sign your lease and pay your dues. And all you have to do is set up your recurring payment once and done! We'll charge your payment method every 1st of the month.

I'm already in a lease and paid a security deposit. Can I join your Perks & Rewards program?

We'd love to have you! Some things to know beforehand: 1. You'll need to apply first. Just like your landlord approved you using their qualifications, we'll need to do the same! We'll run your background and collect some proofs of income. And if all checks out, you'll be a welcome addition to our member pool. 2. Your landlord must be a participating location. If they're not, tell your landlord about our offering and have them contact us. So long as they give us the greenlight, we'll do the legwork of getting them on-boarded so you can enjoy all the perks and rewards our program has to offer. 3. You 'll need to sign a new 12-month lease. All these perks and rewards don't come cheap so we need to ensure you still have enough time on your lease so that we can extend our benefits to you. 4. We cannot refund your security deposit. So while you'll still reap all the benefits of our Perks & Rewards program, such as 2% cash back on timely payments and your last month paid by beplace, your security deposit will stay with your current landlord unless they decide otherwise. 5. We'll need your payment history. As an existing tenant of that participating location, it's important to us that we know how you've performed through the current term of your lease. Have your landlord email us a copy of your ledger and we'll take it from there.

If I move in after the 1st of the month, is my rent prorated?

You're always paying a full month of rent when you first move-in. That's so your landlord is adequately protected against any sudden tardy or non-payment of rent when the next month hits. However, that just means you would've prepaid a bit of your second month's rent, at which point you only need to pay the difference.

What if utilities are already included in my rent?

That's not a problem! When your monthly bill hits your account, you'll just find two recurring charges instead of three. That's your rent & membership fee.

What if I accidentally carry a balance from one month to the next?

It's like Uncle Ben said in Spiderman: "With much power comes much responsibility"! Being part of our Perks & Rewards program gives members the power to really grab hold of their renter experience with a whole lot of benefits. But those benefits come with a price; the price being renter responsibility. It's your job to ensure your balance is fully paid by the end of each month and that all other Terms of Use are satisfied. We've spelled it out for you with as much detail as we can in this FAQ section on our website. It's on you to live up to it. So in the instance that you carry a balance from one month to the next, no matter the amount, we'll allow you to stay in the program unless your landlord has filed eviction proceedings against you. However, your last month will no longer be paid by us. And that's a one-time forgiveness for breaking our Terms of Use. In baseball, it's three strikes and you're out. With us, one strike is all you get.

How long are the leases at your participating locations?

Our Perks & Rewards program are based on annual subscriptions tied to 12-month leases. So every 12 months, you get to decide whether you'd like to stay in your current home or look for a change of scenery.

How long is my approval good for?

Approval is good for 30 days! Once approved, the clock starts on getting you matched with units that you can afford and securing that unit with a signed lease and your first month's rent & membership fee.

What happens if I'm approved but there are not available units that meet my budget?

We'll put you on a waitlist and when a unit that meets your budget comes available, we'll let you know! Remember, units are on a first-come-first-serve basis so be ready to secure it as soon as it becomes available. We'll have as much info on our website as made available to us by our participating locations. That way you can make an informed decision all from the convenience of your phone or computer. And while approvals are good for 30-days only, we'll waive any future application fees for any of our approved members who have had to be waitlisted...for up to a year after approval!

What happens if I'm filed in court for non-payment of rent or any other reason?

If your landlord has deemed you unfit to occupy the unit we placed you in, for any reasons associated with poor tenancy, then it's also this program and your fellow members' reputation that you've tarnished. So your membership will immediately be terminated and all the perks and rewards that you had earned and/or redeemed during the course of your tenancy may be reversed. You will also be banned from the program for a term of 3-years from the date of that termination.

What happens if I accidentally pay my landlord and not beplace?

As a member of our Perks & Rewards program, all payments must go through beplace in order for us to properly gauge your performance under our Terms of Use. And we'll automatically deposit your rent directly into your landlord's account. If you accidentally pay your landlord and not us, the only way to properly credit you for that payment is if your landlord themselves provide us with proof of payment and forward us your paid membership fee. However, any cash-back that should have been earned due to your timely payment would be forfeited for that particular month. And if we can't get confirmation from your landlord of the payment (or are unable to collect the membership fee from your landlord), then it's as if the payment was never made and your membership will then be at risk. So please remember, all payments are made to beplace so long as you're a member of our Perks & Rewards program.

What happens if I don't register my pet?

Our ability to offer you such an amazing program is based on the confidence of our participating locations in our members' ability to follow the rules. From the get-go we've told you no pets are allowed except if they're emotional support animals. So if you are qualified for an ESA, you must first register them with beplace before they're allowed on your landlord's site. So if we find out you have an unregistered emotional support animal, then a $250 pet lease violation will be assessed on your account, which will need to be paid with the next month's dues, and you'll have 7 days to properly register the animal or your membership will be terminated.

Do all the participating locations advertised on your site have availabilities?

What you see is what you get at beplace! The locations we advertise on our site can change daily based on availability. So you'll always know where you can make your next home before you apply. Hurry though! Units are leased on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Do you have other participating locations?

Yes! Our beta launch of the Perks & Rewards program currently advertises participating locations that have availabilities you can call home. Coming soon: we're working on showcasing some of our other awesome locations so you can easily plan your next move, whenever an availability does come.

What if I have poor credit?

We've partned with LeapEasy to provide renters that have less than favorable credit with a way to join our awesome Perks & Rewards program. If your application doesn't meet our minimum credit score, we'll direct you to apply with LeapEasy. They'll act as a professional guarantor of your lease should you pass their qualifications. Then they'll bounce your approval back to us so we can match you to a unit fo your choosing. Simple as that!

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