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Advanced Bankruptcy Clinic: The Advanced Bankruptcy Clinic represents debtors in Chapter 13 Proceedings, in which debtors arrange a multi-year payment plan to pay outstanding debts to avoid liquidation. Students in this clinic also represent defendants in Adversary Proceedings in bankruptcy. These proceedings include matters in which a trustee attempts to recover assets transferred by a debtor and similar matters involving contested issues. Students appear in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court under attorney supervision on behalf of their clients. The Bankruptcy Clinic provides advice and represents clients who are in financial distress. Students gather information from and on behalf of the client and then prepare a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition. Students also participate in U.S. Bankruptcy Court at Section 341 hearings as well as prepare, file and argue numerous bankruptcy motions. The Disaster Relief Clinic provides students an opportunity to learn basic lawyering skills essential to the practice of law while assisting clients who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Under faculty supervision students represent clients in real estate and land use matters, public benefits including FEMA claims, public utilities issues, insurance matters, employment issues, contractor and consumer issues as well as issues that have a broad impact on disaster recovery problems affecting a larger number of clients or public policies for disaster recovery or assistance. The Elder Law Clinic introduces students to the unique challenges of practicing law on behalf of the elderly, while also providing training in basic law practice skills. As the elderly population has increased, the field of elder law has become a growing specialty, demanding more sophisticated expertise to effectively advise and assist clients. Under the supervision of experienced faculty, students spend 12 to 15 hours per week advising and representing senior clients in a wide range of legal matters in courts, administrative agencies, and negotiation settings. Through their work, students experience law practice in the larger context of social, supportive, and advocacy services for the elderly. Students also develop an appreciation for the role of lawyers and legal institutions in protecting rights and enhancing the quality of life of the aging population. The Family Law Clinic offers students the opportunity to learn family law practice from a variety of perspectives, including litigation, negotiation, and court proceedings. Under the supervision of experienced faculty and practitioners, students represent clients in divorce litigation, child support enforcement, and family offense proceedings. Through an intensive training covering the dynamics of family violence, the social and psychological dimensions of domestic abuse, the system of shelters and social services available to victims, and the police and criminal court procedures involved in the response to domestic violence. Student also learn special skills needed to interview and counsel clients who have endured these traumas. Because protecting victims of family violence is a major focus of the clinic’s mission, students spend one day each week in Family Court, where they interview and represent clients seeking court protection. Whether they secure a negotiated agreement or a court order after trial, students experience the satisfaction of knowing that by obtaining an order of protection, excluding the batterer from the home or confiscating a weapon, their efforts have gained the client a measure of safety. The Immigration Law Clinic provides students with a variety of practical lawyering skills such as case planning, research and writing, interviewing and counseling, in addition to helping individual clients. While advocating for immigrants, students experience how cultural, economic and political forces influence the treatment of immigrations in our legal system. The clinic is committed to law reform and to advance the cause of social justice. Mortgage Foreclosure Clinic : Students represent clients whose homes are either in mortgage foreclosure proceedings or are about to go into foreclosure. Representation includes assisting clients to renegotiate the mortgage terms to save their homes, representation in mandatory court conferences and in preparing and presenting an defenses available in the foreclosure case. Veterans’ and Servicemembers’ Rights Clinic: This Clinic assists veterans and active duty service members in matters in which military service has created special protections or create unique burdens. Clinic students work closely with the Suffolk County Veterans Court, a specialized part of the Suffolk County court system that helps veterans charged with criminal offenses by diverting them from the traditional criminal justice system and providing them with the tools they need to live productive lives, through treatment and judicial monitoring. Students may also represent veterans in benefits claims, regaining employment after deployment, employment discrimination claims, obtaining accommodations for disabilities and discharge review and update proceedings.

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