What is a SNAP Household?

General Information

A SNAP household can be a person living alone, or a group of people living together (they do not have to be related) who buy food and prepare meals together.

There can be more than one SNAP household in the same house. In this case, “separate household status” is granted to each of the households.

What is a separate household?

A separate household can be a person who lives with another person or persons, or a group of persons who live together, but for every separate household, the person or persons involved customarily buy and prepare their own food separately from the others. But they don’t have to store their food separately or use a different stove or refrigerator.

Can you be a separate household from your spouse?

No. Spouses who live together are always considered part of the same Food Stamp household.

Can your children or stepchildren under 22 be a separate household?

No. Even if your children are married and/or have children of their own, they cannot be considered a separate food stamp household as long as they’re living with you.

Can there be more than one food stamp household in the same house?

Yes, but the following people who live together must be in the same food stamp household even if they buy and prepare food separately:

1. Spouses

2. Parents and children under age 22, even if the child is married or has a child of her own

3. Minors (under 18) under the parental control of an adult in the home

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