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Pro Bono Honorees



Pro Bono attorneys make a big difference. It’s a simple idea. Use your knowledge for good. When you represent the underprivileged and disabled, you also represent the best of our profession, a profession full of caring, committed people who believe a just world is possible. And the rewards – that’s another story entirely. Once you’ve made a difference in the life of another, it also makes a difference in yours. You’ve been given a gift, a powerful skill.  You can put it to no better use than to help the powerless access the legal system.

Each month Nassau Suffolk Law Services celebrates the labors of individual attorneys who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the Pro Bono effort and who serve as role models for the legal profession and its commitment to pro bono work.

Stephen R. Hellman
August 2022

Catherine Papandrew
January 2021

Philip Parlante
November 2020

Harold Somer
October 2020

Stuart Gelberg
October 2020

Adam D’Antonio
October 2020

Victor Ambrose
September 2019

Melissa Levin
August 2019

Vincent Cuocci
May 2019

Alan Finkel
April 2019

Heath S. Berger
September 2019

Dennis Buchanan
February 2019

Jeannie M. Henry
January 2019

Michael L. Pfeifer
December 2018

Michael J. Renna
October 2018

Margarett Williams
September 2018

Seth Koslow
August 2018

Lewis Silverman
October 2020

Jodi Ann Donato
September 2019

Jason Rothman
May 2018

William Timmons
April 2018

Craig Robins
March 2018

John Joseph Leonard
February 2018

Kenneth Molloy
October 2017

Lisa Fine
February 2017

Francine Moss
February 2016

Veronica Renta Irwin
February 2016

Scott Augustine
December 2016

Ashka Patwa
June 2015

Michael Schmitt
June 2015

Karen Silverman
June 2015

Leslie Tayne
June 2015

Alexander Pabst
June 2015

Scott Schneider
June 2015